Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.  

Welcome to Khalsa Kanya Mahavidyalya, Bilaspur, Rampur

About Us

"The first thing I’d like you to know about Khalsa Kanya Mahavidyalya is that we give our students permission to dream big things. Our Mission is to nurture individual potential. We believe in cultivating intelligence and talent. Rather than being fixed and finite, intelligence and talent will expand and grow, given the right encouragement. So we aim to keep students’ dreams and aspirations alive.

"We are doing all we can to ensure that when students eventually leave college, they will do so as confident, caring young people, who are creative, collaborative, and committed to their learning. Our values of respect, integrity, curiosity, and excellence, are behind everything we do as a staff and as a college. They have a huge number of opportunities in sports and creative pursuits. They enjoy being in a co-ed environment, where the girls tone down the aggressive nature of boys, and the boys tone down the competitive nature of girls. They complement each other. Their work and discussions are enriched because they often see the world through different eyes."

One of the things said universally by our college community is that there are strong relationships between staff and students. Positive relationships are also evident in the visionary work of the Board of Trustees and the energy of our busy Parent Teacher Association.